Problem-Solving as a Real Estate Agent.

Problem-Solving as a Real Estate Agent

Problem-solving as a real estate agent takes a lot of creativity and determination. Realtors do more than “show pretty houses.” We are constantly solving problems and answering questions.

Here are some REAL questions and problems we have come across:

1: While sitting at the closing table, a Seller asked when they needed to have their belongings out of the house.

A: Sellers need to vacate the property before closing unless specified in the contract. The buyers will do a final walkthrough, usually the day before closing. The sellers need to have everything out before the final walkthrough.

2: A Buyer asked if I could guarantee a property would never be flooded.

A: As a Realtor, I can help find a property that is not in a flood zone. But I can guarantee nothing when it comes to natural disasters.

3: An out-of-town Lender who said they could close on a condo announces they would be unable to finance this condo… the day of closing.

A: Always. Always. Always. Use a LOCAL Lender. We cannot stress this enough.

4: A potential Buyer asks if they can get a 3BR beachfront house close to Pier Park for under $100,000.

A: Because we are in a Seller’s Market, gulf-front houses are unicorns that are rarely available for purchase.

5: The Seller takes all the light fixtures with them after closing.

A: Unless specified in the contract, all fixtures stay with the property. Tell your Realtor of anything you would like to be excluded from the sale if you are selling your home. Better yet, if you are emotionally attached to your light fixtures, replace them before you list your home.

6: A Buyer purchases all new furniture the day before closing. The financing has now fallen through. The contract is canceled.

A: While you are under contract, do NOT make any big purchases, including furniture or cars. Do not open a new credit card or change jobs. Basically, do nothing that will affect your credit score.

7: A Buyer demands a refund 2 weeks after closing because his safe fell through the floor.

A: This is not a pair of shoes. You cannot demand a refund. And you also need to reinforce the floors before moving something heavy in. Yes, this is a true story.

8: A Buyer asks if they can pay their EMD in Bitcoin?

A: Cryptocurrency is not being accepted now, but times are changing, so you never know.

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