Live Like A Local

Trying to make you local as quick as you can.

  • “I live on the beach” does not mean I live beachfront.  It simply means I live in Panama City Beach. 
  • “I live in town” means I live in Panama City. 
  • FYI: Panama City Beach and Panama City are two different cities. 
  • “I am going over the bridge today” means you are leaving Panama City Beach to go to Panama City. “The bridge” usually refers to the Hathaway Bridge.
  • Back Beach Road is Hwy 98.
  • Middle Beach Road is Hutchinson Blvd.
  • Turn day is the day that the condos have renters coming in and leaving, usually on Saturday.  This is often the only time to view condos especially during the busy seasons of spring and summer. 
  • Snowbirds are our friends that live in the area during the winter months.  
  • Bike Week – Twice a year, our motorcycle-loving friends visit for a week to enjoy special events catered just for them. 
  • Red Flag Day means there are double red flags on the beach, and the water is closed to swimmers. 
  • The Y is where Hwy 79 meets Front Beach Rd. 
  • West End is the area of Panama City Beach that is west of Hwy 79. 
  • East End is the area of Panama City Beach that is east of Pier Park. 
  • Pier Park is a very popular outdoor mall and epicenter of all cultural activity that includes plenty of options for food, fun, and shopping. 
  • 30A is a stretch of approximately 20 miles of coastal road along the shoreline between Destin and Panama City Beach. 
  • “Are you going to island this weekend?” refers to Shell Island.