Simple Steps to Stage Your Home

Here are some simple steps to stage your home if you are considering selling anytime soon.  The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate will create a tailored plan specifically to fit your needs, but this list can help get you started.  

Full disclosure: There is a difference between simple and easy.  There are a few things on the list that might take a little time and elbow grease.  But it’s all so worth it to help get your home in tip-top shape to sell for top dollar to the right buyer.

Declutter + Organize

Get rid of anything you don’t love, don’t use, don’t want to fix, or don’t want to move.  Go ahead and pack up anything you don’t need on a regular basis.  (You will be moving soon, after all.)  Pack away all collections, knickknacks, family photos, and trinkets.  Depersonalize as much as possible.  Clear the magnets off the fridge. Buyers want to see your home – not your amazing prized collection of Elvis memorabilia.  Clear off all surfaces.  Organize all the cabinets, closets, and drawers.  Yes, buyers will look.

See Clean + Smell Clean

Now is the time for some deep cleaning.  Focus on the highest traffic areas, especially the kitchen and bathrooms.  Get the carpets cleaned.  Clean the litter boxes and pet beds.

Never Underestimate the Power of Curb Appeal

Clean up the landscaping.  Mow the lawn.  Plant new flowers.  Replace broken flower pots.  Add new mulch.  Paint the front door.  Pressure wash sidewalks & the driveway.  Replace any blown lightbulbs outside.  Finish it off with a pretty new welcome mat.

Repair + Replace

Don’t let buyers get distracted by the broken cabinet door in the kitchen.  Replace all blown lightbulbs.  Replace broken or worn-out hardware.  Repair anything broken. Add a fresh coat of paint to the trim.  Hire a professional for any major repairs. 

Before Pictures & Showings:

  • Let the light in.  Open all blinds and curtains.  Turn on all the lights and lamps. 
  • Turn the thermostat down to a comfortable temperature.
  • Wash the dishes. Tidy up.  Make the beds.
  • Clear off all surfaces.
  • Hide all pet bowls and litter boxes. Take the pets on a walk or put them in a crate.
  • Remove any distractions.

If you are ready to sell your home, we hope these simple steps to stage your home can help get you started. We would love to discuss a specific plan for your home. The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate in Panama City Beach is here to help you with whatever you need. Give us a call, and we would love to chat over a cup of coffee.

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