The Do’s & Dont’s While Under Contract

The Do’s & Dont’s While Under Contract

Let’s talk about the Do’s and Dont’s while under contract. The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate has been in this business for over two decades. We understand buying a home can be a stressful time. But we are here to help!

Don’ts While Under Contract

  • Do not open a credit card.
    While you are under contract, do not do anything that can affect your credit. This can make your lender’s job difficult if not impossible. Especially during the holiday season, it is tempting to open up a store credit card. Trust us when we say you do not want your financing on your property to fall through so that you can save that 10% on your purchase of those super cute boots.
  • Do not make any large purchases.
    We know how exciting it is to buy a new home, and all you can think about is buying beautiful furniture. Again, this is extremely tempting. It is perfectly fine to go window shopping. Create a Pinterest board of all your favorites. But do not actually go and buy the furniture. Let’s go back to tip #1 – do not do anything that can affect your credit while under contract. Also – this is a terrible time to trade in your car for an upgrade. Wait until after closing.
  • Do not change jobs or positions.
    It is of vital importance to stay in constant contact with your lender and ask for advice before making any changes. Under contract is not a good time to turn in your two-week notice unless your lender is aware and approves.

Do’s While Under Contract

  • Get all your paperwork to your lender early. Your lender is going to ask you for a lot of paperwork. Bank statements. Credit card bills. 6+ months of paycheck stubs. The birth certificate of your cat. Okay, maybe not that last one. The fastest way to expedite the entire process of getting pre-approved and closing quickly is to get all your paperwork into your lender as early as possible.
  • Pay attention to timelines. Per the contract, you will have important deadlines to meet. Your EMD (earnest money deposit) will be due in 3 days unless specified by the contract. You will have an inspection period, which is a certain number of days to order any inspections. You will also have deadlines to meet with your lender. The importance of these deadlines cannot be stressed enough. Paying attention to the deadlines will help get you closer to your favorite deadline: closing day!!
  • Order a Survey Immediately. Unfortunately, survey companies have been behind for a while. It can take 3-6 weeks to get a survey completed. Order a survey as soon as you get a property under contract so it will not delay closing.

We hope you found these tips helpful on the Do’s and Dont’s while under contract. Don’t let these tips you! The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate in Panama City Beach will help guide you every step of the way before, during, and after the entire process. For more real estate advice and information, please contact the Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate.

We have been in this business for over twenty years, and we know the best tips to help make the transaction smooth for you!

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