Top Secret Double Red Flag Deals & Discounts

The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate  would like to share with you the Top Secret Double Red Flag Deals & Discounts!! There are so many activities to enjoy in Panama City Beach besides the amazingly beautiful emerald waters. But did you know there are businesses that give special discounts on a Double Red Flag Day?

What Exactly IS a Double Red Flag Day?

I’m so glad you asked! A Double Red Flag Day is when there are double red flags flying on the beach to signal the water is dangerous and closed to swimmers. After a verbal warning, you can be fined or even arrested for entering the water. The flags are there to keep beachgoers as well as first responders and potential rescuers safe. These flags should never be ignored and should always be taken seriously.

What Do The Flags Mean?

You need to know and understand what the flags mean to stay safe. The gulf is a beautiful place to have fun. But we also must respect the water, the rip currents, other hazards, and the flags. And even on the calmest of sunny beach days, one should always exercise caution while swimming. But what are the Top Secret Double Red Flag Deals & Discounts? We will get to that soon! But first…

To stay updated when the flags change, you can sign up for alerts by texting “PCBFLAGS” to 888777.

Double Red- Danger! Water Closed to Public
Single Red-High Hazard, High Surf and/or Strong Currents 
Yellow-Medium Hazard, Moderate Surf and/or Currents
Green-Low Hazard, Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution
Purple-Dangerous Marine Life (Usually Jellyfish)
*Absence of Beach Flags Does Not Assure Safe Waters

Panama City Beach Warning Flags. Double red means closed to public. Extreme Danger. $500 fine. Single red means high hazard high surf* or strong currents. Yellow means medium hazard moderate surf* & or currents. Green is low hazard calm conditions exercise caution. Purple means dangerous marine life. Flags located approximately 1 mile apart. Absence of flags does not assure safe waters. *& "or" currents means moderate/high surf is not always present with under currents.

Top Secret Double Red Flag Day Deals & Discounts

Here is the good news! There are businesses that give discounts on double red flag days!! So if you are super bummed that you can’t go swimming at the beach, you can still have fun!! These not-so-secretive Top Secret Double Red Flag Deals & Discounts are available at Duplin Winery, Shipwreck Water Park, the Skywheel, and more!! So the fun never ends even if the swimming does.

CLICK HERE to see what discounts you can get from businesses all around PCB!

We would like to take a moment to thank these local businesses for trying to help keep people safe as well as help keep the fun going at all times.

And it is ALWAYS a beautiful day to buy a beach house or condo!!! The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate  is here to help you with all your real estate and non-real estate-related information.

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