Fall Homeowner Checklist

It’s Fall!!

It’s Fall, Y’all! The Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate put together a Fall Homeowner Checklist whether you are considering selling your home anytime soon or not. Thankfully, we do not have to deal with gigantic piles of fallen leaves or early frosts like our northern friends. But we still have a few things we need to make a habit of doing every fall.

Fall Homeowner Checklist

  1. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries every time the clocks change. When daylight savings time begins and ends, replace the batteries.
  2. Get your heater and AC units maintained before it gets cold. Make sure it is cleaned and in working order before the weather changes. Most companies have a maintenance program to help maintain your units throughout the year.
  3. Replace all blown lightbulbs. The next time you are in the store, pick up a bunch of your favorite lightbulbs. When you get home, walk through your house and replace any lightbulbs in lamps, fixtures, flood lights, etc.
  4. Deep clean your freezer and refrigerator. Empty all the shelves and drawers. Check expiration dates. Make a grocery list of anything that needs to be replaced. Wipe down your refrigerator using your favorite cleaner, or create your own with water, vinegar, and lemon juice.
  5. Check your roof, gutters, and insulation before it gets cold. Hire a professional to check for missing shingles or damaged gutters.
  6. Clean up your landscaping and yard. Remove any dead plants or flowers. Replace mulch or pine straw.
  7. Caulk windows and doors to make sure everything is sealed properly. Don’t let the outside weather in.
  8. Clean drapes, blinds, and windows. This is a simple task that is easy to put off, but it helps brighten your whole house.

Bonus Tip:

Clean the filters on your washing machine, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaners. Follow @BrunchWithBabs on Instagram for easy how to’s and tips.

Don’t forget to schedule some fun!! Visit a pumpkin patch. Get lost in a corn maze. Carve pumpkins. And add Trunk or Treat to your calendar at the Beachy Beach Town Office.

We hope you found this Fall Homeowner Checklist helpful!! If you are considering selling your home, we have more detailed, personalized tips for you. Just contact the Got Beach Team at Beachy Beach Real Estate for more information!

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Fall Homeowner Checklist