When is the Best Time Of Year To Sell Your Home In Florida

Usually people wonder “When is a good time to buy a home”, but what about selling your home? There are many things to consider before placing your home on the market! It can be very exciting but also very frustrating if you don’t go through the necessary steps to successfully selling your home.

Is There A Particular Season Better Than Others? 

Real estate professionals suggest selling a Florida property in the spring or summer. School’s out, the weather is beautiful and makes it the perfect time to buy a home! Of course, when selling property located in warm climates like Florida, cold weather isn’t as much of a concern. Although, Florida real estate varies from season to season based on what type of property you are listing. We are gearing up for a busy season!

Single-family homes usually sell the best right before the school season resumes in September. 

While the stats reflect this, it’s important to remember the different types of markets as you analyze the data and consider selling your home. Timing the housing market can be tough, especially if you want to sell quickly for top dollar. By listing in September to make the most money, May to sell the fastest, or December to meet (mostly) in the middle– you’ve got a pretty safe bet of meeting your goals.

Top 6 signs/Tips you’re ready to sell your home:

  • You’ve got equity on your side.
  • You’re out of debt with savings.
  • You can afford a home that fits your lifestyle.
  • You can cash-flow the move.
  • You’re emotionally ready to sell.
  • You understand the market. 

De-personalize, De-Clutter and Get Organized!

Reduce the contents of closets and storage spaces to make them appear larger. Getting rid of excess furniture and other items that are not being used on a daily basis makes a living area feel more spacious. Begin at your front door and go through the entire house tossing, donating and placing everything up in order make the house feel less cluttered. Don’t forget the basement, attic and garage. Shampoo the carpets, simplify decor, make sure lawn care is done and always have valuables and personal items put away. Don’t forget odors! Mildew, pet smells, and food odors can repel prospective buyers from good-looking house. Find and eliminate the sources and light a scented candle or bake cookies before an open house.

So, lets get your house ready to put on the market!!

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