Is this really the time to sell your home?

We all have SO much on our plate this time of year! Even little Chippy!

…Thanksgiving. Fall Break. Christmas shopping. Christmas. Christmas Break. New Years. The list continues. Is this really the time to even think about selling your home? Many homeowners may think about it, then decide to wait till after the holidays to list their home. There’s even people that have their home listed, that remove the listing and want to wait till the weather warms up.

Here are seven reasons why this is NOT the time to wait! 

  • There are companies that continue to hire right through the holidays and relocate their new employees.  These people need a place to live too. 
  • Buyers that are looking through the holidays are serious and ready to buy NOW!  They have the time and money right now.
  • You can certainly pick and choose the days and hours that your home can be shown.  YOU are in control. 
  • Don’t all homes look beautiful when they are decorated for the holidays? YES! 
  • There isn’t much competition right now.  Even here locally, listings are scarce.  
  • Buyers don’t stop looking during the holidays.  If anything they vamp up their search because they have time off from work. 
  • Fall and early winter is typically  pretty good for sellers.  The supply of listings increases after the holidays, as well as new construction, which affects the demand!

So, why not list your home this holiday season?!  Let’s get together to determine if selling now is your best move and what your asking price will be!  Give us a call! Kelli 850-819-8246 or Renata 850-527-3923.